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Residential Awnings

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An awning is an architectural projection that provides weather protection, identity or decoration and are typically supported by the building on which it is attached. An awning is comprised of a lightweight rigid skeletal structure over which a fabric cover is fastened to shelter windows, doors, decks and walkways.
Since 1984, Brown's Awning has been the name to count on for residential, commercial and industrial canvas awnings, canopies and covers throughout the Ocean City, NJ area. We'll help you select awning colors and styles to provide the right solution.
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Window awnings & Porch awnings

Window awnings help protect your indoor furnishings from constant and direct summer exposure to ultra-violet rays that can damage and fade your valuable furnishings including carpets, drapes and some plants.
All window awnings are custom measured according to your specification. Most window awnings cover the top portion of the window with a decorative valance falling slightly below the halfway point.
Porch awnings are a great way to increase your privacy while blocking sun, wind, and rain. Most awnings include ropes and pulleys to allow you to pull back in a severe storm or storm braces for added stability for those who do not want to pull their awnings back. This style of awning is typically taken down during the harsh winter months and Brown's Awning can provide this great service.

Window Awnings

  • --- Add charm & character to any home
  • ----- Provides the ultimate in solar protection
  • ------- Lower your energy cost
  • --------- Extensive choice of fabric and colors
  • ----------- Awnings tailored to fit any window size or shape
  • ------------- Valances also available

    Fixed Frame Canopies
  • -- Extend your living space to the outdoors
  • ---- Custom fit to your specifications
  • ----- Choose from numerous styles & colors
  • ------- Optional side roll-drops
  • --------- Frames can be recovered multiple times
  • ----------- Take-downs, storage & re-hang service offered

    Stationary Canopies
    In the hot summer months the stationary canopy blocks the sun before it can start to warm up the room. Your room will be cooler and air conditioning costs will be dramatically less.
    Stationary canopies are a great way to shade your deck or patio. This style will also create interior shade, protecting your floor and furnishings. Stationary canopies are a great way to expand you outdoor living space, primarily because a canopy will provide shade as well as rain and wind protection.
    Stationary canopy frames are constructed of either 3/4" or 1" galvanized schedule 40 steel. The frame is built to contour the shape of any deck or patio making it completely custom. Add drop curtain to your canopy to create another room just off the house!